I got Final Fantasy XIV Gil that. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. ...Or am I misunderstanding you? It is late, after all...

What I was trying to express was that it isn't exactly the same situation with BLM and BRD/MCH using WM/GB. Sure, they both have to stand there and cast, but - correct me if I'm wrong, as this is hearsay on my part - FFXIV BLM cast times tend to be longer than BRD/MCH cast times. The damage bonus from WM/GB overcomes most if not all of the damage difference between FFXIV BLM and BRD/MCH. Considering similar damage with lower cast times, removing the sweet spot entirely while using WM/GB would likely cause BRD/MCH to become a little too advantageous in PvP.

Assuming what I said above about cast times and damage is true, it would probably be safer (for the sake of class balance) to greatly reduce the damage reductions placed on the BRD/MCH while not in the sweet spot s ... Read more »

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I'd be fine with them just buffing Souleater to have extra health return similar to how Inner Beast worked circa 2.0 Final Fantasy XIV WAR.

As of right now, Inner Beast on 3.0 WAR heals more and gives 20% mitigation for 6 seconds, and it's not like FFXIV Gil Souleater can be used much more frequently than Inner Beast to justify this disparity.

I feel that Final Fantasy XIV DRK self healing is suppose to make up for their lack of physical mitigation, but it's really not there. Instead of just giving them a big burst heal alone it would be nice for them to add healing effects to other abilities, like have Shadow Wall have some sort of regen effect.

I'm personnally against such a heal, as a dark knight should always be about drain from the ennemy and not self abilities.

The problem is that dark arts is way too expensive to be efficient. It's simply not worth it :

Soule ... Read more »

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Even though nins tp isn't amazing because of high Final Fantasy XIV skills peed on gear / huton, I still rarely find myself running out. Almost all end game fights have constant breaks where you can regain tp so it's not as much of an issue as people will have you believe. Use invig at proper times, don't spam blossom when no breaks coming. It's honestly not that big of a deal, I play daily

mudra lag is actually an input window, where it checks your latency before the mudra input fires off, if you have bad ms it could give you the odd problem, you learn to deal with this from experience and having an above average ms. Again, it is not as large of a problem as people would have you believe, I rarely mess up a mudra and when I do I know it was my fault and it could have been prevented, it's a dummy check mechanic nothing more.

Nin isn't perfect but it's far from as bad as some of the ... Read more »

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Is it just me, or is it significantly harder to drop combat from fates in 3.0? Grinding fates on an low level class in Western Coethas, pvp queue pops, run for the full Cheap FFXIV Gil timer trying to drop combat from the fate so I can switch class, can't do it. I continue running halfway across the zone, STILL listed as in combat with the boss.

You've even got those freaking moogle fates in Churning Mists, where the defeated boss talks for about a minute after the fate ends, but you can't mount up and leave because you are still listed as in combat until he finally fades away.

If the game isn't going to let you jump in a queue without switching, and you can't switch while you're in combat, and you can't leave combat... I guess I should just do nothing and wait diligently for my 30 minute pvp queue in my intended class.

You can't mount, change class, or change equipment ... Read more »

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So far this has happened to me 2 times today:

I have been in the middle of a Neon Dragon cache challenge and then the "auth" servers go down for maintenance and then I don't get to do my challenges because of this. It is dumb because I'm trying to get these challenges done but I can't even do them if I can't even play the game. And also, the whole "bug" thing where challenges would appear in club worlds, isn't even a bug. I've been doing stuff in there and then realize 5 or 10 minutes into a challenge I've been so cut short on time I can't even finish the challenges. You know Trove Flux Devs, you don't need to fix every bug in the game. Fix the more major ones like how some stuff disappears from your inventory or how your #2 ability disappears completely. One last thing: Deep Sea of Regret. What is even the point of this? You are restricting players to fish, sail, ... Read more »

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After reading the latest interview with Yoshi-P that another player posted it kinda made it seem not so assuring.

To be honest I love this Final Fantasy XIV Gil game but, then I start thinking of one day it WILL end and it makes me sad. I know that's part of a MMO but, I wish mmo devs would consider making a offline/co-op version when they decide to close servers. I hope that SE will consider it. I mean I played 11 for a while and from when I read the future don't look bright anymore but, it has had a VERY long lifespan. I for one hope it has just as long life if not longer than 11, what it your opinion on how long 14 will be around?

Edit: I added a Poll Please vote Here

FFXIV will last until the next good mmo is released that draws the attention.

XIV is a themepark, so it will do well until a better themepark is built. There is not much stay power in XIV in my opinion, but there is no ... Read more »

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So, what exactly do you make on the revelation that Eikons are actually not the same thing as Primals, and what exactly do you think Eikons are FFXIV Gil?

I kinda get the feeling that we will find out that Primals are basically bastardisations of Eikons, sort of like a imitation Eikon that the Ascians discovered how to summon. I'd think it's likely that these Eikons, unlike Primals, have their own personality, rather than their existence being defined by the summoner. That's my thoughts on it, but I could be totally wrong, I'd love to hear more theories and ideas though

It was said in one of the French translations the Warring Triad are from a different dimension.

Whatever they are, i believe that they brought about the 3rd Umbral Era or at the very least appeared during the 3rd umbral Era. 

Additionally, I think they're what Primals were based off and through the study of ... Read more »

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According to the sources, UFFXIV has a number of loyal customers who kee ... Read more »

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My chocobo has acquired two spontaneous defender skills that I did not want. I have NOT used any SP yet, but the companion tab says that I have. I just noticed this when I went to FFXIV Power leveling invest my first SP into an attacker chocobo. According to the tab, I already used three SP to obtain two defender skills, which never happened. I'm a tank, so a defender chocobo is worthless. It's almost as if the chocobo was given a designated role that I had no control over. Is this the way it works? I thought you were allowed to choose from three roles? It wouldn't be as big of a problem if it automatically gave me one of the other roles, but I have no use for a defender that I was unwillingly given. I've asked around to see if anyone has had this happen; however, nobody seems to have run into this issue. I'm really frustrated because now I have to obtain one of the regen peppers ... Read more »

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Dear SE People, 

Please get off your asses and fix your errors.
Sincerely, your players.

Ok, ok, without being a smartass...

I have just now gotten DC'ed from the game 2 times in a row. 90k'ed. This has been happening a lot more often on Aether (my main) and now the Primal Data Center (my alt). The lag sucks. The DC'ing sucks. 

No offense to you SE, but if these problems are going to continue you are going to lose thousands of customers. I am pretty damn sure, that others will sympathize with my rage on how you guys won't fix anything.

It is NOT our problem to try to fix YOUR mistakes. It is your problem.

Say, how many times have I bitched on the forums, and for how long now? And nothing is being fixed? ^^ I think I should bitch more. lol

For me, these errors have been happening for months now. MONTHS!!!! And they are still not fixed. This is a FF genre. An online one. SE should have had anticipa ... Read more »

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