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6:35 PM
Trove Dragon Cache maintenance

So far this has happened to me 2 times today:

I have been in the middle of a Neon Dragon cache challenge and then the "auth" servers go down for maintenance and then I don't get to do my challenges because of this. It is dumb because I'm trying to get these challenges done but I can't even do them if I can't even play the game. And also, the whole "bug" thing where challenges would appear in club worlds, isn't even a bug. I've been doing stuff in there and then realize 5 or 10 minutes into a challenge I've been so cut short on time I can't even finish the challenges. You know Trove Flux Devs, you don't need to fix every bug in the game. Fix the more major ones like how some stuff disappears from your inventory or how your #2 ability disappears completely. One last thing: Deep Sea of Regret. What is even the point of this? You are restricting players to fish, sail, swim, or even BUILD under the water. This game is amazing but whoever even thought of this idea just woke up or a had an "idea deadline" and made that piece of garbage.

This did turn into a rant thread but I have missed out on 4 -8 Neon Dragon caches and I am sick of it.

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