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My Chocobo's Random Defender FFXIV Skills

My chocobo has acquired two spontaneous defender skills that I did not want. I have NOT used any SP yet, but the companion tab says that I have. I just noticed this when I went to FFXIV Power leveling invest my first SP into an attacker chocobo. According to the tab, I already used three SP to obtain two defender skills, which never happened. I'm a tank, so a defender chocobo is worthless. It's almost as if the chocobo was given a designated role that I had no control over. Is this the way it works? I thought you were allowed to choose from three roles? It wouldn't be as big of a problem if it automatically gave me one of the other roles, but I have no use for a defender that I was unwillingly given. I've asked around to see if anyone has had this happen; however, nobody seems to have run into this issue. I'm really frustrated because now I have to obtain one of the regen peppers that are rather costly to solve a problem that I did not create. I have not used ANY SP, let alone waste it on a defender chocobo that is going to be of no help. Let me just say that I am not expecting to gain anything from this other then answers. I even debated mentioning this because I didn't want to sound like I was demanding anything. I just want to know what I should do in this situation. The game is wonderful, and I was really looking forward to running around Eorzea with my attacker chocobo, not a defender. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. 
Character name: Izuka Cashius
Date of problem: April 22, 2015 
Level: 33-34
Chocobo rank: 2 (not sure ffxiv gil sale how...)
Server: Brynhildr
Server Status: Excellent 
Grand Company: Immortal Flames second class

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