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how long do you think FF14 will last?

After reading the latest interview with Yoshi-P that another player posted it kinda made it seem not so assuring.

To be honest I love this Final Fantasy XIV Gil game but, then I start thinking of one day it WILL end and it makes me sad. I know that's part of a MMO but, I wish mmo devs would consider making a offline/co-op version when they decide to close servers. I hope that SE will consider it. I mean I played 11 for a while and from when I read the future don't look bright anymore but, it has had a VERY long lifespan. I for one hope it has just as long life if not longer than 11, what it your opinion on how long 14 will be around?

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FFXIV will last until the next good mmo is released that draws the attention.

XIV is a themepark, so it will do well until a better themepark is built. There is not much stay power in XIV in my opinion, but there is nothing besides this that has been this polished and featured since WoW launched.

From the looks of the genre atm... it will last awhile because most games are being made by Indy companys who have 1/100th the funding needed to make a good full Cheap FFXIV Gil featured mmo. Genre is dying, Yoshida is right. But it is not because players do not want mmo the devs of the mmos are feeding the genre poison and wondering why it is dying off slowly.

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