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Dropping combat in Final Fantasy XIV 3.0 fates

Is it just me, or is it significantly harder to drop combat from fates in 3.0? Grinding fates on an low level class in Western Coethas, pvp queue pops, run for the full Cheap FFXIV Gil timer trying to drop combat from the fate so I can switch class, can't do it. I continue running halfway across the zone, STILL listed as in combat with the boss.

You've even got those freaking moogle fates in Churning Mists, where the defeated boss talks for about a minute after the fate ends, but you can't mount up and leave because you are still listed as in combat until he finally fades away.

If the game isn't going to let you jump in a queue without switching, and you can't switch while you're in combat, and you can't leave combat... I guess I should just do nothing and wait diligently for my 30 minute pvp queue in my intended class.

You can't mount, change class, or change equipment in combat. And there is something weird with that moogle, where the timing of your last action might put you back in combat with him AFTER the fate has ended. If you just stop attacking when he is at low health, you will drop combat when he turns green, otherwise you have to sit there and wait for him to disappear.

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