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I have just now gotten DC'ed from the FFXIV game 2 times in a row

Dear SE People, 

Please get off your asses and fix your errors.
Sincerely, your players.

Ok, ok, without being a smartass...

I have just now gotten DC'ed from the game 2 times in a row. 90k'ed. This has been happening a lot more often on Aether (my main) and now the Primal Data Center (my alt). The lag sucks. The DC'ing sucks. 

No offense to you SE, but if these problems are going to continue you are going to lose thousands of customers. I am pretty damn sure, that others will sympathize with my rage on how you guys won't fix anything.

It is NOT our problem to try to fix YOUR mistakes. It is your problem.

Say, how many times have I bitched on the forums, and for how long now? And nothing is being fixed? ^^ I think I should bitch more. lol

For me, these errors have been happening for months now. MONTHS!!!! And they are still not fixed. This is a FF genre. An online one. SE should have had anticipated all of this in advance, and made necessary preparations to prevent these errors and log in buy ffxiv gil problems.

Before anyone tells me, it is my fault, I have done everything I could. I called my ISP, I unplugged and plugged my router, I literally done everything within my power to fix this. But it continues...which is SE's fault. Not mine.

If you couldn't tell, I am severely pissed off at the lack thereof of SE fixing these things.

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